Tickets for 2019 European Games in Minsk: visa-free stay?


Tickets for 2019 European Games in Minsk: visa-free stay?

The organizers of the 2019 European Games are planning to sell no less than 800 thousand tickets for the event.

The tickets will be available from summer 2018, they will be printed on special paper with different levels of protection in order to avoid their forgery. What is more, first fans of the Games will be given special prizes when buying the tickets.

Kirill Sushchinsky, director of ticket realization company:
It will be either souvenir products or tickets for other competitions. We will be considering this issue again. The ticket will be a visa to Belarus. It means that any person can freely come to Belarus by car, bus, train or plane - the way he wishes to. And this person will be allowed to stay in Belarus during the period of the European Games. In order to avoid speculation or problems with tickets, the prices on them will be the same both for Belarusians and for foreigners.

Nevertheless, the realization dates will slightly differ. The European Games will be held in Minsk from in June 2019. As many as 15 sports are in the program of the Games.