What happens behind the curtain of Belarusian State Circus?


What happens behind the curtain of Belarusian State Circus?

Everybody likes circus. In the arena you can see lots of amazing things. Belarusian State Circus, a unique building, also has its own secrets.

Boris Lazarov, together with his family, has been working in the Belarusian State Circus for 50 years.

Boris Lazarov, Honored Artist of North Ossetia, Head of the routine, called Belarusian Riders:
I have worked in the circus since 1959. Earlier, in the Soviet Union all circuses were run by Moscow. And our circus wasn’t the exception. After the collapse of the USSR, I began to work in the Belarusian State Circus.

Lazarov trains horses, camels and lamas. His performances are famous all over the world. Belarusian Riders and Exotics are the most popular.

Boris Lazarov:
Recently, we were in Hungary on tour. In the near future, we’ll participate in another program.

Every day, there are trainings in the arena. Artists on horses perform various tricks.

Boris Lazarov:
Each horse has its own name. The horse’s behavior determines its name. In our circus, we have Babe, Talent, Oligarch and others.

In the Belarusian State Circus, there are also camels.

Boris Lazarov:
Romanian artists gifted three camels to our circus.The first camel that was born there was named Minsk. I have been training with it for four years.

Camels eat twice a day. Usually, they have beet-root, cabbage and carrot, but for breakfast they prefer to eat oatmeal. Next door there are curious llamas.

Boris Lazarov:
This is my ordinary job, but the best one.

It is hard to combine all these animals in one routine. Nevertheless, Belarusian circus artists make everything possible to create an exciting performance.

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