One more travel destination in Belarus’ Grodno region

One more travel destination in Belarus’ Grodno region

A Belarusian businessman has restored the village of Tinevichi, Grodno region.

Now, this village attracts quite a few tourists, including from abroad.

Galina Buro, CTV:
This place almost disappeared from the map of Grodno region almost seven years ago. But now, you can see an interesting place with precise houses and fruit trees.

Pavel Radyukevich, a Belarusian businessman, encountered this village by chance. His colleague told him about Tinevichi.

Pavel Radyukevich, businessman, owner of homestanding Bielyje Luha:
When I first came to this village, I was curious about this place. All houses were open. There were beds and furniture, but everything was drowning in weeds.

Since that time, civilization has started to penetrate into this village. It took Radyukevich six months to collect garbage. However, the most difficult stage was to rearrange dilapidated houses. Six houses were restored and nine new were brought here.

Pavel Radyukevich:
We had bought 9 houses in nearby villages.

The businessman took control over the village reconstruction. Everything is made in accordance with Belarusian traditions. Here you can see photographs on walls, a trunk in the corner (there, the clothes for holidays or a dowry for the bride was kept) and a stove.

This project was conceived as an educational one. Tourists not only from Germany, Holland, and America are interested in this place, but also those from Belarus.

Tourist from Minsk:
Once, I read an article about the Tinevichi reconstruction. So, I just decided to visit this village.

Pavel Radyukevich:
This is not a business, this is a social project just for pleasure.