Fewer ads in Minsk subway planned

Fewer ads in Minsk subway planned

Photo: Minsk News agency

The Minsk Metro is doing a lot of work to change the approaches to placement of outdoor advertising, chief architect of Minsk Pavel Luchinovich said at a meeting at the Minsk city executive committee.

- New variants of advertising design of 10 metro stations out of 29 were developed and agreed. The general approach is that we will remove outdoor advertising at stations themselves, streamline its placement in lobbies and other facilities, and establish requirements for the type of advertising structures and their illumination," explained Luchinovich.

The innovations will affect major stations of Minsk subway, including Kastryčnickaja, Niamiha, Kupalaŭskaja, plošča Jakuba Kolasa, plošča Lienina and others.

Mr. Luchinovich added that in 2017 serious work was done to streamline the placement and content of outdoor advertising in Minsk. The experience of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Riga, and Warsaw was studied. As a result, the Rules for the Design of Outdoor Advertising in Minsk were developed. Now, after numerous discussions in the working group on the advertising design of Minsk, the rules are being agreed with the interested departments.

A program for the phased implementation of the architectural and artistic concept of outdoor advertising has also been drawn up.