Belarusian athletes show worthy results at 2018 Olympics


Belarusian athletes show worthy results at 2018 Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics have come to an end. Belarusian athletes showed great results at the main sports event of the world.

Unfortunately, Belarusian biathletes in men’s relay couldn’t repeat the success of the women’s team and came 8th.

Belarusian speed skaters were very close to getting medals as well. Marina Zuyeva came 6th in the mass start and Vitaly Mikhailov was 7th.

Belarusian skiers were not able to improve their positions on the last day of the Olympics. Mikhail Semyonov came to the finish 44th in the 30 kilometer marathon, Polina Seronosova came 44th as well.

The closing ceremony turned out to be truly spectacular, Darya Domracheva was carrying the Belarusian flag.

The athlete won silver in the biathlon mass start and helped to get team Belarus gold in the women’s biathlon relay. Therefore, Darya became a four-time Olympic champion. Nadezhda Skardino, Irina Krivko and Dinara Alimbekova became Olympic champions as well.

What is more, Hanna Huskova won gold in aerial skiing.