Yandex now shows public transport in Minsk


Yandex now shows public transport in Minsk

Yandex.Transport was taught to display the location of public transport and predict its arrival at stops in Minsk. The mobile application receives information directly from Minsktrans company.

Yandex.Transport contains information about almost all Minsk public transport - there are 225 routes, including 155 buses, 62 trolleybuses and 8 tramcars. Data on the location of buses, trolleybuses and tramcars is updated every 15 seconds.

For each stop, the application shows a list of all numbers that stop on it and for each of them it shows a route line and a list of stops. You can add stops and routes to your favorites so that you do not search for them again each time.

Also, Yandex.Transport knows how to plan a route. If the application finds several options for travel, it will offer everything, specifying each option's travel time, the number of changes and the distance that you have to walk. If desired, the user can exclude any mode of transport.

For forgetful passengers, there is a possibility to set a reminder of the approaching of the necessary stop.

Yandex.Transport allows you to monitor traffic in almost all major cities of Belarus, in 45 localities in Russia, as well as in Budapest, Auckland, Tampere and Helsinki. In dozens of other cities, the application works as a directory: it shows information about stops and transport routes. Information on the movement of public transport can also be found in the search application of Yandex. Yandex.Transport is available on smartphones based on iOS and Android.