Belarus army to create information and cybersecurity unit


Belarus army to create information and cybersecurity unit

In 2018, the Armed Forces of Belarus will create a specialized company that will deal with information and cyber security issues, Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov told the ONT TV channel February 25.

The program host asked the Minister about the plans of the Belarusian military in this area against the background of Russia creating information operations troops.

"We are also very involved in information security and cyber security activities. We have structures that deal with these issues. Plus, this year we are forming a specialized company," the head of the Defense Ministry said.

Concerning the reform of the army, Mr. Ravkov noted that "in 2005, the Armed Forces were created that had all the supporting systems and could function as armed forces meeting the challenges and threats of that time, 2005". "But the process of building and developing the Armed Forces is continuous," the minister stressed.

According to him, the Belarus Armed Forces will always develop, "acquire, receive those qualities and structures that meet the threats, challenges and risks of the situation that has developed at present."