Why Belarus will remember 2018 Olympics forever


Why Belarus will remember 2018 Olympics forever

The Olympics in Sochi was the most expensive ones, but the South Korean authorities took a different path. All facilities were built in advance. The official closing ceremony will be remembered not only by the colorful show, but also by a small budget. Modest, but with meaning.

The Olympics lasted 18 days. The ceremony was held on a pentagonal arena with a diameter of 72 meters. In the East, everything has a hidden meaning. Five stands, which are located at a certain angle, symbolize ecology, culture, care for the world, economy and the rate of advanced information technology.

The directors of the closing ceremony showed all the best that is in South Korea. And most importantly, the idea of ​​a holiday and unity. Athletes from all over the world represent one sporting nation at the stadium.

According to preliminary estimates, the competitions in South Korea cost a little more than $12 billion. But the return is expected at about $61 billion. Plus, the organizers are waiting for the so-called "Korean wave".

Andrei Popkov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea:
Koreans are very pragmatic and rational people. Of course, it is a great honor for them to host the Olympic Games. For this they fought for a very long time. The Games were organized with the support of large Korean companies. Many of them themselves were engaged in the construction of sports facilities, which were then transferred to the organizers on a lease basis. Many of these facilities will subsequently be used commercially. This is a wise Korean approach.

For the first time in history the Games were proclaimed environmentally friendly. In preparation, Koreans used only environmentally friendly materials and technologies protecting nature. But they came under fire when they cut down a reserve with 500-year-old trees to build a speed track. A serious scandal broke out, and the authorities promised to plant new trees, but you will not be able to return the site with its history.

Yulia Beshanova, CTV:
The city of Songdo is usually referred to in South Korea as "the most intelligent". It is really the most modern and smartest. It is literally stuffed with information developments. The surrounding reality adapts to the needs and desires of literally every inhabitant of such huge skyscrapers. In addition, the city is as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, this bicycle is not just a simulator. On it you can get an exciting tour to the most modern city. The numbers on the screen show how much oxygen you managed to save without sitting behind the wheel of your car.

5G, smart security system and interactive attractions where every fan could feel like an Olympian. The Koreans did amaze the world. Which is not surprising: today, South Korea is the undisputed leader in the development of new technologies.

Medals at these Olympics were contested by 32 Belarusian athletes. Weather troubles at the beginning prevented Belarus from winning desired medals. Despite all the difficulties, Belarus confidently rose in the informal medal standings to 15th place. By the mass start Belarus fully adapted and won a medal in the mass start. Silver by Domracheva instilled confidence.

The women's relay became a real sensation of the sports world after Belarus won gold, with debutant Dinara Alimbekova in the squad.

Journalists from all over the world have already dubbed Belarusian athletes "the golden four". Their victory is the main sensation of the Olympics. Nadezhda Skardino, Irina Krivko, Dinara Alimbekova and Daria Domracheva... After the finish, it seemed that they themselves did not immediately believe in their victory. The race took place in hard weather conditions.

Domracheva brings Belarus gold in relay at Olympics 2018

The girls made fans nervous, but coped with the problems perfectly well.  Moreover, Daria Domracheva became the world's only four-time female Olympic champion in biathlon!

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Belarus met their freestylers as heroes too. Hanna Huskova won gold in women's aerials. In the Super Final, the athlete declared a jump with a high difficulty rate.

By the way, gold in this sport is already a traditional achievement of Belarus. The country's aerialists have not returned from Games without medals for 20 years.

The Games were marred by a scandal with freestyler Anton Kushnir. The Belarusian was not allowed into the final through allegedly biased refereeing of a Swiss judge, who instead let his own compatriot qualify for the final. This enraged Belarusian experts, but it was too late to protest.


Belarus addresses Gian-Franco Kasper on Kushnir controversy

Hanna Huskova about unfair judging of freestyle skier Kushnir

Nikolay Kozeko, head coach of the Belarusian freestyle team:
The fact that some black forbidden methods were used against Belarus once again confirms our high level.