Belarus' Armed Forces mark 100th anniversary

Belarus' Armed Forces mark 100th anniversary

The Belarusian people has acquired a genetic rejection of any armed aggression.

But at the same time, it is always ready to defend its land and independence, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the solemn meeting to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Belarus. According to the President, the 100th anniversary is not only a chance to look back, but also an opportunity to assess the development prospects.

The Belarusian army came fully prepared to mark the anniversary. However, the surprising range of shooting up to 300km of the Polonez missile system, the unique accuracy of our military: from the landing of combat aircraft on highways to the landing of special operations forces on the drifting ice floe in the Arctic are all achievements of the newest time.

Andrei Ravkov, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus has a well-established system of national and military security, which allows combating all threats, challenges, risks which exist in the modern world.

Mikhail Samonov is almost the same age as the Belarusian army. He is 95 years old. Every year the veteran comes to the House of Officers on May 9 to go with the President in the general column to Victory Square.

Mikhail Samonov, veteran of the Great Patriotic War:
We go in a line with him. He knows all of us well.

During the war, doctors wanted to amputate both his legs due to frostbite. But fortunately a nurse got him back on his feet.

This is how the Belarusian people got their country and army back on their feet. After the collapse of the alliance, our Armed Forces shifted from qualitative to quantitative characteristics. Instead of a half-million contingent is about seventy thousand soldiers. According to experts, the Belarusian army is one of the most efficient in Eastern Europe.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We live in an era of large-scale re-making of the world. The classical international law and the sovereignty of the state are purposefully and deliberately undermining. The factor of military power has increased tremendously. God grant that there is no war. The militarization of Eastern Europe is consistently proceeding, where additional military contingents are deployed. As a consequence, the military spending of these countries will increase substantially in 2018. These countries were not just friendly, but also brotherly ones.

We recently were with these states in a single defense bloc, namely the Warsaw Treaty. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we were promised that NATO would not expand eastward: it is only necessary to terminate the Warsaw Pact. It was terminated. We are not ashamed for that.

Many years ago, when I was at the beginning of my presidency, speaking at such a solemn meeting, I warned everyone that it was the greatest mistake that after we had broken our own country apart, we left those territories that were under our control after the Second World War and, moreover, destroy our defense space. So it happened. Having disorganized our country, with our own hands, we began to systematically destroy all that was accumulated during the years of the Soviet Union.

The domestic military-industrial complex not only modernizes existing weapons, but also creates its own. Export of Belarusian gunsmiths already amounted to billion dollars in 2017, like the Park of High Technologies.

Alexander Lukashenko:
One of the development priorities of the Armed Forces is their equipping with new, as well as modernized weapons and equipment. A significant role in this process is played by the Belarusian military-industrial complex. Studying the bitter experience of recent conflicts, clashes and wars, we realized that the war that we experienced will not reappear on our land. There will be no fronts, tanks, artillery and aircraft: modern weapons are too advanced.

The world plunged into a pool of precision weapons and highly effective missiles. We did not have this experience. Friends did not help us either, when I raised the question of equipping our army with precision weapons. Only Chinese friends came to the rescue. On behalf of the Belarusian people, I bow to the president of China and to all those military men who helped us in the course of one and a half years to create high-precision weapons in Belarus. And the first model of this weapon that arrived at the disposal of the Belarusian army was the Multiple Launch Rocket System Polonez.

 Belarusian automated control systems are a dream of many armed forces. Our military pilots have set many world aviation records, some of which are mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

Alexander Lukashenko:
For more than 70 years, Belarus has been under a peaceful sky. Therefore, the Fatherland Defender Day is by right one of the most revered among the people. On this day we congratulate not only military, but all Belarusian men, as well as boys, future defenders of the fatherland. And even all women today, we could say, are military. Those who are in the rear of military men, aren't they military? Those who fight with us in the Armed Forces, and even those fragile girls, to our shame, who brought us another victory in Korea. They are also military.

There is a popular saying: "The army is people gathered in one place for the sole purpose: to correct the mistakes of diplomats". In Belarus, the Armed Forces have never participated in any military conflict. This is also a great achievement.

Evgeni Gorin, CTV:
Such holidays are more important and have greater international significance nowadays. There are countries that do not have their own army at all. At the same time, the military is present there. This fact reveals a lot about the country's real independence.

The National Army Day is also a message of the independence of the state. Who wants to enjoy a lasting peace, must be able to fight. Military force is already a serious argument in favor of the fact that there will be no external aggression. Therefore, the fate of the country largely depends on its army.