Dinara Alimbekova: Five facts about Belarus' biathlete


Dinara Alimbekova: Five facts about Belarus' biathlete

The last race for Olympic medals in women's biathlon ended on Thursday, with Nadezhda Skardino, Irina Krivko, Dinara Alimbekova and Daria Domracheva winning gold in a stunning relay race. Among the four athletes in Belarus team was debutant Dinara Alimbekova. Meet the 22-year-old biathlete who snowboards, plays the piano and pleases followers with sultry photos from summer holidays.

How does she perform this season?

Dinara is in 73rd place in the overall standings of the World Cup. In the current season, she started at four stages: in Annecy, where she replaced Domracheva, in Oberhof, Ruhpolding and Antholz. The best sprint for the young Belarusian was in Annecy: ideal shooting, 61st speed and 33rd place in the final protocol.

Many feared before the 2018 Olympic relay that Dinara will lack experience. Alimbekova became a member of the women's biathlon quartet only once: at the January stage in Oberhof. The race was one of those that are better to forget and pretend that nothing happened.

Unable to defeat the Oberhof fog at the German stage, Dinara earned three penalty laps, and sent Domracheva to an uncomfortable situation, to which Darya is unaccustomed. In that relay race, Belarus was removed from distance due to a one-lap delay. Probably, the weather can be considered as a mitigating circumstance.

However, the coaches of the national team did not judge Alimbekova too severely and took her to the 2018 Olympics.

In Korea, the 22-year-old athlete took part only in an individual race, where she got penalty minutes at each shooting stage and became 56th.

Coaches chose a young and promising Dinara instead of another Belarusian biathlete Nadezhda Pisareva. Surely they have more information than dry statistics. But there is at least one obvious argument in favor of Alimbekova: after Domracheva and Skardino's leaving, it is this Belarusian biathlete who, along with Irina Krivko, has to fight for places in the elite.

What else do we know about Dinara Alimbekova?

She was born in the city of Abay in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, but she moved with her parents to Belarus at the age of three. The mother of the biathlete is Russian, and her father is Kazakh. "All my conscious life is connected with Belarus, and I feel like a 100 per cent Belarusian," admitted Dinara.

The future biathlete of the national team grew in the town of Chausy with a population of just over 10,000. She was engaged in choreography and studied at the School of Arts in piano.

Alimbekova first got on skis at the age of 11.

"I liked my sporting school so much that I even cried in order my mother let me go to the training instead of lessons," recalled the racer.

At first, she tried to combine all the activities: she returned from competitions "with loads of medals and notes," but afterwards she opted for biathlon.

There were no athletes in her family. "Only grandfather is engaged in physical culture: in the winter he runs barefoot in the snow, gets hardened," Dinara says.

Another hobby for the biathlete is skating and snowboarding.

The racer likes adrenaline and explosive emotions. Therefore, the best vacation for her is not to lie on the couch, but to snowboard or to go skating.

Surname of Alimbekova loudly sounded at the home junior world championships in Raubichi in 2015. Dinara became the world champion in the relay in the company of Daria Blashko and Hanna Sola.

Alimbekova said that even at that time she got the informal nickname Dinosaur in the team. This is because Dinara and Dinosaur resemble each other in Russian.

“Girls jokingly call me Dinosaur. But I'm not bloodthirsty at all. On the contrary, I am a kind person. Sometimes even too kind, which really hinders me.”

The 22-year-old biathlete has a higher education.

Alimbekova studied at the department of skiing and biathlon at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

The life of professional athletes is always busy and they have to spend a lot of time travelling on business.

Nevertheless, during free weeks and months, Dinara buys tickets for a plane, grabs a swimsuit and flies towards adventures and exotics.

Visit Dinara's Instagram to see more photos of her.

Source: sport.tut.by, photos from Dinara Alimbekova's Instagram