Dutch quarter to be built in Minsk

Dutch quarter to be built in Minsk

It seems that state builders in Belarus are beginning to change their view on urban architecture. Here's a project ordered by the Department of Capital Construction of the Tsentralnyi District of Minsk.

The company Universal Building Technologies posted on their website renders of a complex residential development of the territory within the boundaries of vulica Arloŭskaja - vulica Staravilienski Trakt - zavulak Navavilienski.

The architect of the company Lilia Drazhnik says the customer originally offered architects to come up with an English-style development. The company offered several options, but the draft published on the website was sent for approval to the Minsk city executive committee. 

"It is very pleasant that Minsk wants to see something unusual and new. We tried to adapt Dutch architectural traditions to Belarusian realities and created a cozy little district," says Lilia Drazhnik.

In the complex residential development, about 6,000 square meters of living space is planned, this is approximately 80 apartments. The first floors will house shops.