Mystical manor in Belarus’ Novogrudok

Mystical manor in Belarus’ Novogrudok

A Belarusian businessman from Novogrudok has built a manor in the village of Litoŭka and now tourists from all over the world come to visit it.

Why did the man decide to do this? Firstly, because famous Soviet singer Vladimir Vysotsky visited this place. Secondly, everything is made in a fantasy style. Moreover, everyone can stay there just for free.

Siarhei Koval, the Belarusian businessman, tells us numerous stories about the manor and offers to plunge into the world of fantasy.

This is the style in which Siarhei decided to rebuild a village stop and a cottage where Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi stayed half a century ago.

Siarhei Koval, businessman:
I did everything step by step. Firstly, I asked local authorities to paint a stop. Then, I decided to build a bridge. It’s all legal.

Everything is made from natural materials. This project is not a commercial one. Koval says that this place wasn’t created to earn money but to spend it.

Koval come from Novogrudok. He likes travelling but he always wants to go back. During his visit to India he decided to make something for his homeland.

Siarhei Koval:
I just want to glorify Novogrudok. I think, people all over the world should know about this town in Belarus.

Everyone can visit this manor absolutely free of charge.

Tourists from Lithuania, Germany, Holland and even China come there.

Lyudmila Fedorchuk, main specialist of the tourism and investment activity sector of the Novogrudok District Executive Committee:
We support any idea of the development of Belarusian tourism. And we are very pleased when tourists call us to get more information about interesting places of Novogrudok.

«Я хочу, чтобы о Новогрудке узнал весь мир». Экскурсия СТВ по самой мистической усадьбе Беларуси

What to see when you visit the manor

Cross the river over a bridge. Here we can see a dragon that guards a nest with egg. Chidren often ask Siarhei when the egg hatches. But he doesn’t know the answer. This is a dragon’s egg, it can sleep for thousands years.

An iron dog with wings guards the manor’ territory. There are leaves of trees in the dog’s mouth and horns in its head. The dog wears a spiked collar with a scrap of chain. Each element has its own history.

Once this dog flew to my manor and stayed there to guard it. This dog ate only leaves and tree branches. But then its horns began to erupt. It ran wild and broke the chain,” the manor owner says.

In the near future, there will be the legendary Excalibur and other swords. And this dog will guard it.

Inside the house, Siarhei shows the room where Vladimir Vysotsky lived. Specifically for this room, the owner ordered a portrait of the singer. Here, in a special glass case, called ‘reliquivovarium’, you can see a collection of works by Adam Mickiewicz in Polish. The book is 120 year old. This case opens only for the selected ones. A person can touch this book only wearing white gloves. 

In the center of the arbor, there is an ancient water well, 12 meters deep. In the future, men will scoop champagne out of it, and ladies in beautiful dresses will sit on swings.

Not far from here you can see a usual peg. Why does it have a sacred meaning for the owner? Siarhei says that this is a place where Archimedes' famous point of support is located. He promised to turn the Earth with the help of this point.

‘Together with experts, we searched this point for three days and three nights,’ says Siarhei.

A bronze sculpture attracts the eye too. A young man, who holds a globe on his palm is strangled by a toad with human hands. It strangles everyone in a different extent. And this battle will never end. You cannot win this battle, but it's necessary to fight.

Also, there is the house for dwarfs near the manor. One day they came to the forest fairy to ask for money in debt. She refused. So they had to open a chest and give their emeralds for exchange. By the way, they are digging emeralds right in Siarhei’s garden.

The village is located not far from Novogrudok (Navahrudak).

Please watch the video to see the manor in detail.