Belarus offers Algeria technologies in various fields

Belarus offers Algeria technologies in various fields

Belarus and Algeria intend to bring cooperation to a higher level. This was discussed at a meeting of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that North African country on February 20.

Belarus is ready to work in Algeria in its agriculture and industry using its own technologies. At the same time, Belarus does not intend to only sell products in that African country, it also wants to build assembly plants there. Algeria is a promising partner, the largest country in Africa. Belarus' equipment and capabilities of construction companies could be very useful there.

For 40 years Belarus has trained almost 300 Algerian specialists. Students from that country want to study in Belarusian universities.  

Unfortunately, for now cooperation between Belarus and Algeria in the field of education is one of the most developed areas. Dialogue in the economy is still weak.

Take, for example, 2015. The export of Belarusian goods significantly decreased. This was due to the measures to limit imports, which the Algerian government took because of the fall in world oil prices.

Algeria is very interested in the development of cooperation in the military-technical sphere. In addition, Belarus is ready to supply food products: dairy products and grain. The sides could establish industrial cooperation too. Two years ago, Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) began work on the creation of its assembly facility in Algeria. In 2011, a facility to assemble Belarusian tractors was built in Algeria. True, now the volumes of production have fallen.

Yuri Pototurko, Deputy General Director for Marketing, Minsk Tractor Plant:
We plan to supply spare parts this year and resume the production of tractors.

Despite infrequent summit meetings, the dialogue between the ministries of foreign affairs of Belarus and Algeria is well established. Belarus foreign minister Vladimir Makei met last time in New York, where the session of the UN General Assembly was held.

During this time, two agreements were prepared. One on a visa-free regime for diplomats and holders of service passports. And the other is on the establishment of a commission for trade and economic cooperation, with two ministers at the head of it. Its first meeting will be held in Algeria by the end of 2018.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
The Minister in detail informed us about the situation that is developing in the region. It was very interesting for us to hear the views on what is happening in neighboring countries.

This season, Algeria wants to participate in the agricultural exhibition Belagro. In turn, Belarusians could visit Algerian agricultural forums.