Hanna Huskova: way to Olympic gold


Hanna Huskova: way to Olympic gold

Hanna Huskova started her way to the Olympic triumph at the age of seven. The current Games are the second in Huskova’s career. But four years ago in Sochi, she could not even pass the qualification.

Yuri Kupratsevich, the first coach of the Olympic champion Hanna Huskova:
God bless you, Hanna!

These words were pronounced in unison all over Belarus. The first coach of our first gold medalist in Pyeongchang followed the Olympics while in Raubichi. On the TV screen is the performance of Hanna Huskova, outside the window are springboards from which the Belarusian sportswoman began her way to a planetary sporting victory.

Yuri Kupratsevich:
The first springboard is a somersault, the second is a double one. Hanna Huskova jumped from the third springboard from which triple jumps are performed.

The choice of Belarusian athletes is the most complex figure, which is a triple somersault. The only thing left for the rest was to try to keep up with the girls who competed under the Belarus flag.

Yuri Kupratsevich:
An athlete who chooses a triple somersault and the next athlete who jumps after them starts to think. This is a lottery. They often change their jumping plans. It is psychologically impossible to prepare for a new jump in 15 seconds.

Even the sellers and buyers of a capital department store grasped the wisdom of freestyle. They organized an online broadcasting in the section of electrical appliances.
The mother of our medalist works downstairs. Elena Huskova is too modest, so all the blow of journalistic attention was taken by her colleagues.

When the Chinese freestyler fell, everyone shouted: "Gold!"

Well done, great!

Unfortunately, athletes often get injured, so we headed for one of Minsk hospitals to find out what famous athletes were treated here and how often.

Pavel Skakun, head of division No.2 of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics:
Starting with Alexei Grishin, Kushnir, they all underwent surgery in our center. Tsuper consulted here repeatedly, and we rescued her from the surgery. Later she won the Olympics.

The Research and Practical Center For Traumatology and Orthopedics has a dossier or, as the doctors say, a discharge summary on Hanna Huskova. Earlier she was not that famous. But now everything has changed.

Pavel Skakun:
The first damage she had was a ligament, then a meniscus one. She underwent her first surgery at the age of 20. She was not the Olympic champion then, it is now the whole country will know her.

Multiple surgeries, a course of rehabilitation and they put Hanna back on her feet. So she was able to keep balance after a series of impressive somersaults.

Yuri Kupratsevich:
She began to cry.

Hanna has been in freestyle for 18 years. Figuratively speaking, the 25-year-old athlete meets her sporting adulthood with the Olympic gold. 

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