How Belarusians learn programming from childhood

How Belarusians learn programming from childhood

Few people know, but it was a woman who the first mastered programming.

Her name was Ada Lovelace and she was the daughter of Lord Byron.

She was the first to write an operating procedure of a mechanical adding machine.

Today, programming can be done even by a teenager.

Liza from Minsk is 11 years old, and she knows IT better than most boys.

Oleg Kirasov:
One day I found out that courses for children-programmers were opened. It seemed very interesting to me. Liza liked these courses very much. She even took part in a conference of entrepreneurs.

The head of a very famous corporation in Minsk tested her first game.

Liza's dad says he'd love to master programming, but he does not have enough time. He is very glad that his daughter is interested in IT, which is developing in Belarus rapidly.

Finding once again Liza on the computer or using the phone, he doesn’t get mad, because understands that gadgets are an integral part of modern life.

Oleg Kirasov:
Liza understands how to work with modern technologies. It seems to me that we will have a lot of it in 10 years, for example, talking irons and so on. I think that modern children are a way to look at things differently. Firstly, this is our future.

Sometimes parents complain that the child spends too much time in front of the screen, but it is important to understand that there is a big difference between the computer as a toy and as a means of learning.

Therefore, you shouldn't blame new technologies.

It is better to learn how to use them profitably.

Elizaveta Kirasova:
I used to create a game with Scratch. It's such an easy programming language. Then I was a participant of a hackathon. It is an event at which you need to do a certain task in a certain program for a certain time. I also know how to make a quiz with Python. It is a complex language, in which games are written.

In addition to programming, Liza learns more simple, but necessary things. For example, how to edit video or create music.

As teachers say, you can go to an IT school at the age of 7. The load is given gradually, in the form of a game, so the child's brain does not get tired.

Liza is interested not only in computer technologies. 

She learns to play the guitar and wants to become an actress.

She will continue IT training, because she is sure that computer literacy will be useful in adult life.

Elizaveta Kirasova:
Next year we will have design and programming. I'll choose the design course.

It seems to me that design will be more useful in life.

History has proved that girls can do much. A basic knowledge of IT is a must-have skill for any lady of the future.