Franciscus Godts: Belarus-World Bank Group cooperation broad

Franciscus Godts: Belarus-World Bank Group cooperation broad

The World Bank plans to strengthen cooperation with Belarus.  

On the morning of February 20 a meeting was held at he Ministry of Economy between Vladimir Zinovsky and Franciscus Godts, one of the executive directors of the International Finance Organization.  

Belarus has been cooperating with the World Bank for a quarter of a century. During this time, the financial institution invested about BYN3 billion in a number of significant infrastructure and social facilities in Belarus.  

Franciscus Godts, Executive Director of the Board of Directors of the World Bank:  
A fairly wide cooperation has been established between the World Bank Group and Belarus. Since 2013, it has significantly expanded. These are programs and various projects in the field of energy efficiency, education and other fields.  

As for future projects, the Board of Executive Directors will soon consider the partnership framework strategy for the next 4-5 years. The program will be worth more than $500 million. It will include projects that are aimed at implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Franciscus Godts came to Belarus to participate in the regional forum of national coordinators to achieve the goals of sustainable development.  

This is a kind of plan adopted by all UN countries, aimed at combating poverty, inequality, as well as addressing the problems associated with climate change. It includes the implementation of 17 items, more specifically, Development Goals.

Tomorrow, on February 21, Minsk will become a major international platform that will bring together representatives of about 50 countries that are implementing this plan. The main goal of the meeting is the creation of a network of national coordinators.