IFC to help Belarus improve business environment

IFC to help Belarus improve business environment

The International Finance Corporation plans to launch a new program of consultative assistance to Belarus in March-April 2018.  

It will be aimed at improving the business environment and the investment climate.  

The International Finance Corporation is part of the World Bank. Over the years of cooperation with Belarus, the IFC has already invested in more than 50 projects.  

The strengths of the new program lie in the development of competition and equal opportunities for doing business in Belarus, regardless of the form of ownership.

Olga Shcherbina, head of office of the International Finance Corporation in the Republic of Belarus:  
One of the components is the improvement of business environment in the Republic of Belarus in terms of reducing administrative barriers, introducing an institution for assessing regulatory impact, as well as introducing an electronic register of administrative procedures, and so on.  

The second component, on which we are working very closely now, is the development of competition and the promotion of antimonopoly activities in the Republic of Belarus.  

The International Finance Corporation has existed since 1956. Among its main objectives is ensuring private investment in developing countries.