Darya Domracheva fan club in Belarus. Who are these people?

Darya Domracheva fan club in Belarus. Who are these people?

“We can list sports achievements of Darya Domracheva for quite a long time, but to describe the love for her, two simple words are enough. These two words have been pronounced for many years by Belarusian fans affectionately and breathy. These two words are “our Dasha!". This quote is written on one of the fan sites created to support the biathlete.

The CTV TV Channel has interviewed the founders of the fan club of Darya Domracheva in social networks.

How long does the club exist? Who was the initiator of the creation?

Yana Klepitskaya, founder of fan club of Darya Domracheva in social networks:
The initiator was a girl who is not here now. The group was founded in 2010, and then I joined it. We decided that we need to develop this movement in Belarus. We need to support Dasha. We wanted to unite all the people who root for her.

Why did you choose biathlon and Dasha?

Yana Klepitskaya:
This happened after we met Dasha in real life. We saw that she is a good person and an excellent athlete. After that, we decided that we should support her.

Denis Kostyuchenko, founder of fan club of Darya Domracheva in social networks:
In 2012, we tried to organize a trip to Moscow for the Race of Champions. Only 15 people gathered and we did not go. In 2013, Dasha won a gold medal in the last race at the World Championship. That evening we went to meet her. After the official part, the girls came to me and said that they would like to organize another trip. As a result, we gathered a lot of people.

How do you share responsibilities in your group?

Yana Klepitskaya:
Some people work in a group and inform about what is happening, some organize trips. Also, there are creative people in our group, they write stories and poems.

What about your relations within the team?

Denis Kostyuchenko:
We have a closed group and in this group we communicate. Sometimes we get together to play paintball or go karting. We managed to gather about 150 people.

How do you like the Olympics in Korea? Do you like the results?

Denis Kostyuchenko:
Not yet, but we hope that everything will change.

Is it easy to communicate with Darya Domracheva? Under what circumstances did you communicate with her?

Yana Klepitskaya:
Dasha is a very friendly, easygoing, positive and cheerful person. Generally, we meet in summer when they have the training camp and everyone is calm. Several years ago, there were some athletics races in Minsk, where Dasha arranged a meeting for the fans. For all the participants she prepared special T-shirts with wings on them painted with her hands. The guys ran in these T-shirts.

You have the opportunity to wish Dasha and all the Olympic athletes success.

Denis Kostyuchenko:
Guys, you are the best, we believe in you!

Aleksandra Klimovich, founder of fan club of Darya Domracheva in social networks:
I want to wish our team success, good mood and more medals. Thank you very much for your effort!

Организаторы клуба поддержки Дарьи Домрачевой рассказали, какая  биатлонистка в реальной жизни