Belarus addresses Gian-Franco Kasper on Kushnir controversy at 2018 Olympics


Belarus addresses Gian-Franco Kasper on Kushnir controversy at 2018 Olympics

A scandal connected with freestyle refereeing (in particular the situation with Belarusian freestyler Anton Kushnir) does not cease at the Olympics 2018.

The Belarus skier perfectly performed his jump in the qualification for the aerials final at the Olympics 2018. At the same time, the judges gave the athlete a score that did not allow him to qualify for the decisive stage.

Kushnir received the lowest score for the second jump from the Swiss judge. As a result, the Belarusian scored 0.45 points less than a freestyler from Switzerland.  

It should be noted that there is no legal procedure for protests against judges in freestyle.  

Leonid Chashchin, chairman of the Belarusian Ski Union:
Refereeing was biased against our athlete Anton - it's 100%. This can also be seen from the picture that everyone saw.

Of course, he was very surprised. Of course, he was preparing for this start for four years. In principle, we know that the athlete is motivated, and he can really realize himself during the season.

In this part, the Belarusian Ski Union sent a letter to Mr. Gian-Franco Kasper, the president of the International Ski Federation.

The Belarusian Ski Union appreciates all the values ​​of the Olympic movement, fair play, friendship and respect. But yesterday we did not see anything like this in freestyle competitions.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko sent complaints to the head of the International Olympic Committee regarding refereeing in the event in which Kushnir competed. The President of Belarus and the National Olympic Committee did not exclude his participation in one of the forthcoming sessions of the IOC, where this and other problematic issues that have arisen in international sport would be discussed.