How did Belarusian girls allure men in the past?

How did Belarusian girls allure men in the past?

In the age of modern technology it is not easy to find a life partner. Belarusian ancestors had different ways to start a relationship. If they didn’t have a soul mate they were considered a ‘shame of a family’.

The most popular way to get a soulmate was to acquaint on festivities. There, girls and boys were dancing and they had to show their artfulness and skills. If a guy asked a lady to dance, she couldn’t refuse even if she didn’t like him.

Belarusian boys and girls couldn’t just merry for love because their parents had decided that for them.

Also, there was a tradition in Belarusian villages: from a group of people, a man was chosen who had to make up several couples and сome up with special tasks for them. The most unusual was to kiss each other.

In the evening, Belarusian girls had ‘viachorki’ (some kind of party) and guys could come to them. It was considered that in order to attract a groom a girl had to broom from the doorway to the corner.

Dolls girls made for wedding

In Belarus, there was a tradition to make inseparable dolls for the wedding. They were made from small pieces of textile and had a crisscross. It was thought that such dolls were able to protect a family from the evil eye.