Polling stations at Belarus' local elections 2018

Polling stations at Belarus' local elections 2018

The President of Belarus cast his vote on Sunday at the local elections. Alexander Lukashenko explained his choice and told media what qualities the a people's deputy should have.

The head of state arrived at the site at noon holding flowers and a passport in his hands. The President passes a standard procedure, receives a ballot paper and goes to the voting booth.

The name of the President's favorite candidate remained a secret, but he said that he voted for a 'doer.' Every deputy should be such, the Belarus leader added.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have a secret ballot, in general, we do not say for whom we voted. But I must give you a hint: this is an acting person who works and benefits our state. This is the main motive for me as President. And I should not have any other motive. Therefore, I voted for an active person, a doer.

The head of state did not hurry to leave the site, continued to communicate with voters and even went to a canteen which worked on the site all day.

On the shelves one can see a wide range of goods, from meat delicacies to chocolate. The President proposed to put on sale another Belarusian product, developed under the brand of the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko:
This is of a very high quality. We created it, but now the Swiss helped, and we did even better. This is a gift for you.

Also, Mr. Lukashenko talked with media about the conflict in Ukraine and biased refereeing at the 2018 Olympics.

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