Huskova's first coach: Refereeing system at Olympics must be changed


Huskova's first coach: Refereeing system at Olympics must be changed

The refereeing of Anton Kushnir at 2018 Olympics aroused resentment among many Belarusian experts.  

Coaches and former sportsmen are sure that the Belarusian was the victim of bad refereeing, the jump was carried out at a good level, and the Belarusian freestyler was worthy of the finals.

Igor Pozniak, CTV:
Very revealing is the fact that freestyle referees represent countries whose athletes participate in the competition too. The same Swiss who yesterday also watched our Anton Kushnir.

Yuri Kupratevich, coach of the Republican Center for Olympic Freestyle Training:
I think that he tried to make sure his compatriot enters the final. Every judge who represents their country, performs their work, because everyone wants to see their athletes in the finals in the highest place.  

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Igor Poznyak:
What to do with all this?

Yuri Kupratevich:
I think we need to change the whole system of refereeing and come to something new, which in the future will objectively show results and put on the highest levels the persons who deserve it.

Igor Poznyak:
This Olympics has gained a reputation of a scandalous one. The situation with the Russians on the eve of the Games, the situation with the Belarusians. Do you agree with this?

Yuri Kupratevich:
I agree with this, because in fact, the attitude of sports representatives to Russian athletes is also noticeable, and what happened in the finals in freestyle qualification (acrobatics) is also very noticeable. In fact, Anton should have been in the final, 100%. This was unexpected for everyone.

Belarus President earlier applied to the IOC President asking him to review the refereeing in relation to Anton Kushnir. He also told media on Sunday that Kushnir would win the event if he was allowed into the final.

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