Belarus President says refereeing at 2018 Olympics unfair


Belarus President says refereeing at 2018 Olympics unfair


On February 18, Belarusians elected about 18,000 deputies of local councils.

This is the lowest level of the legislative branch of power, but this is no less important. Nearly 6,000 polling stations worked throughout Belarus.

The President of Belarus also voted on the main day. This polling station is located in the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

Here the head of state answered the journalists' questions. Russian reporters asked about Alexander Lukashenko's opinion about the situation in Ukraine and, in particular, the proposal to move the negotiation platform from Minsk to Astana.

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Among other questions was the dubious refereeing in relation to Belarusian freestyle skiers. Belarus' freestyler Anton Kushnir took 7th place in qualification. He lacked 0.45 points to reach the final.

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We come to Pyeongchang. Yesterday we arrived. We compete. We are all watched closely: by the Chinese, Russians, Americans, Canadians and even Swiss and Australians. They are those who win medals, they have a strong freestyle school. We also watch them. We need a strong psychological stability of the athlete.

What did they notice? In this case, they noticed Kushnir is a real brave man. Kushnir jumps without a mistake. He is a real man. He does not make any mistakes. They realized that this is not just a finalist, this is again the champion of the Olympic Games. They knew that it is impossible to compete with our Anton, because he jumps steadily, does not fall, he has no mistakes. He performs perfectly.

A decision was made. By whom? First of all, by the referees. Among them are, if I’m not mistaken, a Russian, a Chinese citizen and a Swiss. All of them made sure their athletes make it into the final: two Chinese, two Russians and a Swiss, who was ahead of Anton by 0.42 points. It's strange! This almost does not happen - from 120 points. They tried to throw him out in the first attempt of qualification, driving it to 11th place. And in the second there was nothing left to do but make him 7th, because only six make it into the final. So they kicked this guy out of the competition. I emphasize once again: if they were smart, at least they would let him into the finals. But they understood: if they let Anton into the final, they would all lose. And again Belarusians can win two golds, as well as at the last Olympics.