Belarus wants Donbass conflict to finish as soon as possible, President says


Belarus wants Donbass conflict to finish as soon as possible, President says

Last week Belarus chose local authorities, with about 6,000 polling stations around the country.

More than 18,000 deputies of various levels will be elected. The President took part in voting too. Alexander Lukashenko came to the site which is located in the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

Immediately after the vote, the President traditionally talked with journalists. Alexander Lukashenko shared his opinion about the ideal candidate. First and foremost, it should be an active person who works and benefits our state.

During the talk, the President touched on Belarus being a peacemaking and negotiating platform.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that our country is extremely interested in the speediest resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are interested in the fact that this conflict or even war ends. Why? Because we receive the consequences in full. We share this sorrow. To date, over 160,000 official refugees from Ukraine came to Belarus.

I provided equal conditions for them, equal with Belarusians. That is, free health care, you know - we have a budget, free education, kindergartens, housing services. Everything is like in Belarus. Do you think it cost us cheap? No. Okay, people are in trouble. They are Russians, Ukrainians. These are our people, we must treat them humanly. But we saw weapons and explosives too. What did I have to do? You saw it too. I gave the command to close the border. We have no money for that. Nobody helps us, but we need to close the border completely.

I could do this 10-12 years, but I need to do this in 3 years, to close the border. This is a problem. You understand what is happening in Ukraine today. This is a political and diplomatic impact on our country. How to isolate yourself from this in the era of the global Internet? We are extremely interested in extinguishing this fire. Our brothers are fighting. Is it normal?

As a Soviet man, I cannot look at it. It must be finished. Society does not need this, because this conflict will swell.

You know who perceives this as a gift. They will constantly fan this conflict, so that it is hot in Russia and hot in Belarus. We need to act cleverly and stop this conflict. That's the main thing.