Domracheva reacts to Huskova's aerials gold for Belarus


Domracheva reacts to Huskova's aerials gold for Belarus

Three-time Olympic champion Daria Domracheva congratulated freestyle skier Hanna Huskova on gold medal at the 2018 Games. 

The athlete wrote warm words to Huskova on her page in Instagram. 

Daria Domracheva: 
Hanna!!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!!! WELL DONE!   

25-year-old freestyler Anna Guskova was one of the main contenders for the medal. After the first attempt Hanna Huskova was first line, and after the second attempt was on the fourth position. Veteran and Olympic champion of Sochi 2014 Alla Tsuper could win bronze but had to settle for fourth place.  

Fun facts about Belarusian freestyler Hanna Huskova 

Tomorrow Domracheva will have a chance to compete for a medal. On February 17 Pyeongchang will host a mass start race, in which Daria Domracheva will take part. 

These Olympics have not been good for Domracheva so far. She has shown bad shooting, which prevented her from winning a medal in the women's 15km individual event. She was among the leaders until the last shooting range but then missed three times falling to 27th place.

Domracheva then said she is frustrated with her shooting and would consult with her coach on what to undertake in this situation. "I don't know what is going on," said the three-time Olympic champion of Sochi 2014.