Belarus to attend Munich Security Conference


Belarus to attend Munich Security Conference

Munich is preparing for a major international meeting. On February 16 it will host a conference on security. 

This meeting will raise the most pressing issues facing the world community. Belarus in Munich will be represented by Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. 

Dmitry Mironchik, Head of Information and Digital Diplomacy Department - Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: 
The conference was been held since 1963 and is one of the most representative and authoritative international forums in the field of security policy and cooperation in the military-political sphere. It is traditionally attended by senior officials of the countries of Europe, North America and Asia, the management of foreign policy and NATO's military authorities, the OSCE, the military-industrial concerns, security experts, and leading journalists.  

The Munich conference is traditionally given great importance. It is often called Security Davos. According to the number of high-ranking participants, the Bavarian Congress can compete only with the UN General Assembly.