Belarus President sees 'renaissance' in relations with Turkey


Belarus President sees 'renaissance' in relations with Turkey

Belarus is ready to cooperate with Turkey in a range of areas, said Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko meeting with the head of the government of Turkey on February 15.

This is the first official visit to Belarus in the history of the two countries at the level of the prime minister. As the President emphasizes that today the relations between the two states are experiencing a renaissance. Cooperation in trade is at quite a good level.

Turkey is one of the most important partners of Belarus and occupies ninth place in terms of trade turnover. But there is further growth potential, both sides say. And this potential must be used.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am very glad that we meet here in Minsk with a man who is one of those who determines the policy of the Republic of Turkey at the present stage (and I think you are doing it very successfully).

Over the past few years, the Belarusian-Turkish relations, have been experiencing, I would say, a certain period of the Renaissance. We have established very good cooperation in the trade and economic field, and this is the foundation of any relationship. We have, as never before, good political relations between the states. Our departments (at least the main departments) that define Belarusian-Turkish relations are in close contact and cooperate very well, and, moreover, fruitfully.

Our turnover has come close to a billion dollars, and maybe even surpassed it. Maybe not yet, but this is only a basis for the further development of Belarusian-Turkish relations.

Mr. Prime Minister, let's use this base to build up our relations in all areas. Belarus does not have any closed topics in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey. We are ready to cooperate with you on the whole spectrum of relationships.