How Belarus makes real black caviar

How Belarus makes real black caviar

It took this enterprise nine years to start growing black caviar.

The first sturgeon appeared in this fishing resort a year and a half ago.

That’s when the Belarusian history of black caviar production began. The product which is appreciated in any part of the world today.

Vladimir Dovgyallo, manager of enterprise producing sturgeon caviar:
We wanted to use the potential of our country properly, dealing with export-oriented products, preferably with a knowledge-based approach. We began to study technologies and understand the problems that exist in the market. It was determined that this product of natural quality does not exist. A large amount of the product is produced by using the milking method. This is the so-called hormonal black caviar. It is produced with a totally different technology.

This technology allows getting caviar from one fish about six times, but at the same time sturgeon is injected with hormones. At the Belarusian enterprise, on the contrary, the slaughtering method is used. As a result, the product maintains nutritive properties and taste, but becomes more expensive both for the buyer and for the manufacturer.

Vladimir Dovgyallo:
This workshop is not the first stage. The first stage is breeding and aging of fish in open water. It is economically impractical to breed fish from a fry to a mature female in an artificial environment.

Water, in which fish spend from three to six months before they are ready to give caviar, is also special. It is cleaned and saturated with ozone to such an extent that there is not even a hint of a smell of silt or mud. Anyone interested can watch online at any time what is happening in the workshop.

Vladimir Dovgyallo:
In each bath there is a chipped fish with a personal passport. We know everything about every fish: weight, eating habits, ultrasound information.

It is rather a necessity not to miss the moment when the eggs have already saturated with nutrients, but the fish itself has not yet entered the stage of spawning.

This fish is not mature enough. We must wait about two weeks. Then it will be ready. The caviar is quite large and can be clearly seen.

Such ultrasound is done every two weeks. At the last stage, the fish breeder takes a so-called biopsy and examines the caviar's readiness under a microscope.

Alena Syrova, CTV:
It is quite difficult to predict how much caviar from one female we can get. If all the conditions are met, about 700-800 grams of ecologically clean black caviar will be produced.

After removing the float with caviar, it is ground through a sieve, washed and then salt is added. The main feature of the product is the lack of preservatives.

Vladimir Dovgyallo:
The need for natural products is growing in the world. The majority of brands on the goods markets are represented by repackaged production. No one has its own high-tech production. It is exclusively our sphere of interest.

This enterprise producing black caviar is the only one in Belarus and the only one in the former Soviet Union that was approved by the European Commission and received the right to supply caviar to the European Union.

Vladimir Dovgyallo:
Our products are represented in the market of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, even on the island of Mauritius, as well as in European countries - Luxembourg, Latvia, Germany, Italy. People react to the fact that the product is produced in the Republic of Belarus and begin to look for the information about production technologies.