One day in Belarus costs tourists 150 euros


One day in Belarus costs tourists 150 euros

Foreigners who enter Belarus via the checkpoint ‘Minsk National Airport’ will be able to stay in the country for up to 10 days. It’s been a year since the 5-day visa-free regime became available in Belarus. During this time, more than 80,000 tourists have visited the country.

It was Li Yen from China who visited the Republic of Belarus visa-free on a flight from Abu Dhabi a year ago for the first time. She began to explore this country starting with Minsk under close attention of numerous journalists. A year later it would be easier for her to make this trip because signs in Chinese have appeared in the Minsk airport.

Still the Minsk airport is the most popular way to come to Belarus without visas for citizens of 80 countries. The absence of such requirements led to an increase in passenger flow by 20%. Most tourists came from Germany, Poland, the United States of America and Great Britain.

Victoria, tourist from Great Britain:
I just combine two actions. Firstly, I have vacations back home. Secondly, I come to a neighboring country in order to get treatment.

Victoria was born in Latvia but she has lived in Britain for many years. She came to Belarus for the dental surgery because in this country it is half the price than in Britain. However five days for this surgery is not enough.

Victoria Puette:
Next time I should issue visa because my visit will take about 10 days.

Vladimir Sheleg, surgeon dentist:
It is easier for a client to come to Belarus and to have a medical consult. So the client could receive more information about their treatment and also he could come with his relatives. So while our clients seek treatment, their relatives explore Belarus.

Around 83,000 foreigners visited Belarus visa-free during 2017, but their number could be higher, Vladimir Karyagin, head of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, says.

Vladimir Karyagin, head of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship:
Belarusian tourism is compared with the Georgian one. More than eight million tourists came to Georgia. During a recent meeting with the government executives we’ve agreed on the development of business tourism. Let more people visit our enterprises, let we hold more forums, meetings, as these days the Belarusian-Latvian forum is taking place.

By the way, not only businessmen are interested in industrial giants. A few years ago, BelAZ started to practice the so-called ‘experience economy’, or industrial tourism.

Since then thousands tourists have seen the world's largest mining dump truck and even test-drove it.

It’s fantastic. I liked to test this truck on the practice ground. I’m an engineer, but I haven’t seen such a massive truck before.

Vitaly Gritsevich, deputy director of the Department of Tourism of Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
The total value of the export of tourist services amounted to $200 million. In comparison with the previous year it increased by 22%. The second important effect is the upgrade of service quality, because Europeans and Americans got used to another service quality.

Alyona Syrova, CTV:
Tourists spend in average 150 euro per day in Belarus, where 60-70 euro for personal accommodation, 40 euro for Belarusian cuisine and 40 for excursions and souvenirs made in Belarus.

During five days in Belarus a tourist pays 750 euros.To obtain a visa a foreigner pays 60 euro and spends few days collecting and processing documents. Such procedures posed hurdle for potential tourists.

Filippo, tourist from Switzerland:
The team and I came to Belarus visa-free. I had heard about Belarus before and when I finally came there I realized that this country is a wonderful place for living but a little bit colder than Switzerland.

Together with his team Filippo wanted to play ice hockey in Minsk and to get to know Belarus.

I was impressed by organization and the quality of ice. In three days I managed to examine only a few parts of Minsk. But Belarus is much bigger!

Filippo is already planning his next trip. He wants to visit all attractions of Belarus in 5 visa-free days.

Wow! Do real bison live in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? It’s a pity that Pushcha is far from Minsk.

By the way, Poles visited Belovezhskaya Pushcha and other districts of Brest and Grodno regions more often than others, using a five-day free entry. And then they opened visas to travel to other parts of Belarus.

In December 2017, the visa-free stay in the western regions of Belarus (Brest and Grodno) was extended to 10 days. Air travelers will have a similar gift soon.