Public Wi-Fi zone to appear in Minsk subway


Public Wi-Fi zone to appear in Minsk subway

Public Wi-Fi will finally appear in the Minsk metro, although it will first of all be available at transfer stations. This information was confirmed by the press-secretary of the underground Andrey Kuzmin. The Internet will appear thanks to the joint work of the subway and the company Business Network. Evaluation works and technical measurements have already been carried out.

"At the moment we are talking about public Wi-Fi at the stations Kastryčnickaja and Kupalauskaja, including in the transfer tunnel between these stations. The implementation of the pilot project has already been coordinated with the Minsk Metro and the Minsk City Executive Committee," says Pavel Alekseenko, CEO of Business Network.

"Similar things are available in many subways of the world, because it is convenient for passengers. Soon it will appear in Minsk too. With the successful implementation of the pilot project, it is planned to provide public Wi-Fi with all stations of the Minsk metro."

In addition, it has been announced that mobile internet should be made available inside tunnels, which is not the case now. This should be implemented by the European Games 2019, which Minsk will host.

"Three mobile operators have concluded an agreement, in coordination with the subway they will provide during 2018 - early 2019 technical solutions for mobile communications and Internet access in tunnels, so that Internet is present without breaks," Informatization and Communications Minister Sergey Popkov noted.

At the moment, stable Internet connection is available in the tunnel between the stations Piatroŭščyna and Malinaŭka.