Yandex.Taxi expanding services in Belarus, offers new tariffs

Yandex.Taxi expanding services in Belarus, offers new tariffs

Photo: Yandex.Taxi

The service Yandex.Taxi announced the restart of its work in Belarus. The cost of travel will now decrease, the number of available tariffs will increase depending on the class of cars, in addition, the service intends to begin work in other outside of Minsk.

According to official information, currently the service Yandex.Taxi in Minsk involves more than 700 drivers from 11 taxi parks, who are the service's partners. It is reported that taxi waiting time now averages 4-5 minutes. In addition, the cost of travel has decreased.

- Previously, the car at the Econom rate cost 6 rubles, each kilometer of the way 70 kopecks. Now the minimum price for an Ekonom trip does not exceed 3 rubles 90 kopecks. It already includes the car and 2 kilometers, then no more than 40 kopecks per kilometer and 9 kopecks per minute on the way, Yandex.Taxi said.

It is assumed that a trip to the city center from the metro station Kamiennaja Horka in the northwest of Minsk will cost about 7 rubles 80 kopecks (about $3.9), and to get from TsUM to the Palace of the Republic costs 5 rubles 30 kopecks.

There is now another tariff - Comfort. The cost of the trip is 6 rubles for the car and 70 kopecks for every kilometer of the way - the same as the cost of Econom before.

- Drivers for the new tariff were chosen from among those who received high marks and good feedback from users. All drivers underwent a special briefing, representatives of the service said.

It is expected that Yandex.Taxi will start working in Belarus' regional centers, as well as major cities of Belarus, not only Minsk. Also, it is going to equip vehicles with payment terminals: you can pay for the trip not only in cash, but also with bank cards. The service also announced two new tariffs: Business with representative cars and Minivan with cars for 6-7 passengers.

- One of the reasons for the new stage of development of Yandex.Taxi in Belarus is recent amendments to the law on road transport. The conditions for the development of our service are now the most favorable," said Yandex.Taxi development director for Russia and Belarus Alexey Fedotov.