Alexander Hleb about World Cup trophy and Nations League


Alexander Hleb about World Cup trophy and Nations League

The FIFA World Cup arrived in Minsk for several hours on February 13.

Even before the beginning of the ceremony, fans gathered at the entrance to Falcon Club. Today they have a unique opportunity - to see with their own eyes the main football trophy. Naturally, there are a lot of people who want to.

The best Belarusian football player of recent years, Alexander Hleb, can only imagine in his dreams about the World Cup. Although at the club level, he, then a player of Barcelona, ​​won the Champions League. As Hleb admitted himself, he likes the FIFA Cup more.

Yaroslav Pisarenko, CTV:
Purely visually, which cup is more beautiful - the Champions League Cup or the World Cup?

Alexander Hleb:
To tell the truth, looking at it, it seems to me that the World Cup is more beautiful. And maybe more expensive.

However, even now Hleb could not touch the Cup.

Alexander Hleb:
Today I myself learned that only world champions and heads of state can touch it. We just took a picture and stood near it. If it had not been inside the glass, I would probably touch it. But in any case, such are the rules.

In the hall sat another legendary football player, one of the few Belarusians who really fought for the World Cup. Ex-head coach of Dinamo Minsk Sergei Borovsky in 1982 in Spain could not enter the semifinals with the USSR team.

Sergey Borovsky:
The World Cup for any football player is a huge event, and you remember every day, every minute. Now I can describe every day at the World Cup, how it was.

The modern Belarusian team is now solving more mundane tasks. One of them is the preparation for the League of Nations. In this tournament, Hleb's assistance would be very welcome.

Alexander Hleb :
The team really needs me and I need the team in the League of Nations. Of course, I'm happy and eager to help our team. I will see in the near future, and I hope I will quickly pick up the form, as it usually happens. Well, I will do my best to help Belarus.

The World Cup will be held in the summer of 2018 in Russia.