FIFA World Cup comes to Minsk: Video from ceremony


FIFA World Cup comes to Minsk: Video from ceremony

The main football trophy of the planet arrives in Minsk.  The FIFA World Cup was taken to the Palace of Independence on February 13.

President Alexander Lukashenko and FIFA representative Lucas Rakhov took part in the ceremony. They talked about Belarusian football, and about the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Sergei Shtanyuk, ex-player of the Belarus national football team:
This is a landmark event. Let's hope that this will be the starting point for us to go forward and reach higher peaks.

By the way, only world champions and heads of state are entitled to touch the Cup. It is no coincidence that the football trophy became an exhibit of the Palace of Independence for only several hours.

The solemn event was attended by the President of Belarus and the representative of FIFA.

In 2018, the Cup will visit more than 50 cities. 

Alexandra Gerasimenia, winner of the Olympic Games: 
I do not doubt that such a trophy is a great stimulus and motivation. Still, at least touch it. Although in swimming we, unfortunately, don't have such a thing, but it would add competitiveness to this sport.

For now Belarusian football players have failed to win such a trophy. How to increase the effectiveness of performances? Alexander Lukashenko asked well-deserved coach Eduard Malofeev.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You told me: "If only we build this Futbolnyi Manezh arena, we will have everything. We will be in the first lines of the rating in UEFA, and FIFA." I remember.

Eduard Malofeev, Honored Coach of the USSR and Belarus:
The fact is that we lacked much. Most importantly, there are not enough coaches. You understand? If there is a coach, there will be football, there will be any kinds of sport.  If we don't have results, then the qualification of those coaches is rather low.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Do you know what is missing?  You were hungry for victories, you had a spirit.

The World Cup will be contested this summer in Russia. For now the real battles are unfolding in South Korean Pyeongchang.

Elena Belova, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, prize-winner of the Olympic Games: 
After our meeting, a hail of medals will begin.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Are you sure? I do not see sports where Belarus could win many medals.

Elena Belova: 
Firstly, freestyle. And secondly, I think biathletes will not leave us without medals either.

To conquer the most ambitious sports peaks, athletes begin to train from the earliest years. Alexander Lukashenko is also interested in the successes of young football players, because the future of our football largely depends on their play.

Alexander Lukashenko:
All the hope is on you. If you play, there will be a result. If you play like the current generation, there will be no results.

Natalia Tsilinskaya, director of training center for cycling, prize-winner of the Olympic Games:
The team is very talented now. And it's growing.

Alexander Lukashenko:
This year there was one gold. By the end of this year, should we expect two?

Natalya Tsilinskaya:
Only next season.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am watching you. And your kids, especially what you do.

Look at these young guys. They are in the forefront because they are hungry for victories.

Students of a football academy:
I want to grow up faster. I want to win this Cup, win against all the countries.

To see the World Cup live is not like on TV or on a computer. It's just joy. I want to jump, I want to play football and train.


Another surprise for the students of the football academy was a tour of the Palace of Independence. At the end of the solemn event, the President was handed a small copy of the FIFA World Cup. It is expected that it will become a permanent exhibit of the Palace of Independence.