Belarus President holds FIFA World Cup (photo)


Belarus President holds FIFA World Cup (photo)

The main football trophy came to Belarus' capital Minsk on February 13. FIFA World Cup was taken to the Palace of Independence.

The trophy was placed in the ceremonial hall. Famous Belarusian athletes, coaches, public figures and, of course, young footballers gathered to see the valuable sports exhibit. The solemn event was attended by the President of Belarus and the representative of FIFA Lucas Rakhov.

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After a memorable photo shoot Alexander Lukashenko spoke with the participants of the ceremony. He focused on the situation in Belarusian football and also touched upon the performance of Belarusian athletes at the Olympics in South Korea. 

At the end, Lucas Rakhov handed a small copy of the FIFA World Cup to Alexander Lukashenko. 

It is expected that it will become a permanent exhibit of the Palace of Independence.

Belarus has not qualified for the World Cup 2018 having taken last place in their qualifying group, behind Luxemburg, which is the worst result in history.