2018 Local elections begin in Belarus


2018 Local elections begin in Belarus

Elections to local councils have begun in Belarus. Early voting began in all parts of the country.

The voting lists include roughly 6,929,500 people. Many come to vote in advance. Those who come to vote early are not required to explain reasons for this. For next five days polls are open from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.

I came to vote, because on Sunday we will leave Minsk to celebrate Maslenitsa, and today I have a day off.

Today and tomorrow I have a day off, and February 18 I work from morning till night, therefore I came to vote while I have time.

Ivan Ptukha, deputy chairman of the precinct election commission:
Our site is ready for the elections. We have already started, we opened on time, we already have members of our commission, observers have already come. Observers see how the ballot boxes are sealed, in what order the ballots are issued and filled out. They make sure that no one violates election legislation.

In total, over 18,000 deputies are to be elected all over Belarus. They will represent the interests of their regions in local bodies. Over 5,500 sites have been opened across Belarus. At the Grodno Agrarian University, the early voting schedule is convenient especially for out-of-town students. Among them, 180 people vote for the first time. They receive memorable gifts.

Alexander Sueta, student of the Grodno State Agrarian University:
Early elections are a good opportunity for students to vote during the break, because many, like me, will leave for the weekend to meet with their parents, and they will not have the opportunity to vote. I vote for the first time and I think that as many people as possible should vote as they decide the fate of their district.

Romualda Pinyuta, chairwoman of election commission No.19 of the Leninsky district of Grodno:
We have a lot of voters from among students.I want to tell you that from the experience of many years, our polling station has always been very active during the early voting period.