Belarus alarmed by some countries' speculations about nuclear weapons


Belarus alarmed by some countries' speculations about nuclear weapons

A large meeting on security issues was held on February 13 by President Alexander Lukashenko in the Palace of Independence.

Turning to the heads of law enforcement agencies, the head of state justified this meeting with the special importance of the topics submitted for consideration. These are key issues of national security, an assessment of the work of state bodies in 2017 and tasks for the near future.

 «Нас очень беспокоит спекуляция некоторых стран на тему ядерного оружия, милитаризации»

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The world has not become safer, on the contrary, we see an expansion of the geography and scale of clashes of interests of the centers of power, this causes a practically constant increase in instability.

In general, in 2017, none of the existing armed conflicts ended. Moreover, new hotbeds of tension have emerged, and the political confrontation of states and blocs is being legislated in national strategies. For a long time we have not heard this. For the first time since the middle of the last century, the world is a step away from the emergence of a global confrontation with the most unpredictable consequences.

We are very concerned about the speculation of some countries regarding nuclear weapons, the militarization of the Eastern European region, and the unprecedented build-up of the military potential of our neighboring countries. This concerns both the increase in the number of their armed forces and the costs of defense.

The President believes that the danger of such a situation in the CSTO is seriously underestimated. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the allied relations of Belarus are of special significance in this case. Among the topics discussed are internal security issues. Alexander Lukashenko expressed dissatisfaction with the work with the personnel in the Belarusian army.

The President demanded that the Ministry of Defense immediately strengthen ideological work, including in the field of information. Another issue on the agenda of the meeting was the rule of law and the protection of citizens. The head of state noted the merits of law enforcement bodies in this matter, but the situation as a whole does cannot be considered favorable.