Belarusian tourist drowns in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Belarusian tourist drowns in Sharm-el-Sheikh


The accident occurred a few days ago. According to, the 41-year-old Belarusian flew to Sharm el-Sheikh just the day before. There were no sharks, of course, the sea was also calm.

- We were going to the sea, heard a shout, said Vitaly, who stayed in the same hotel Sharm Plaza. - We came closer and people for some reason shouted: "Shark!" The beach is closed, so, most likely, the man was from our hotel. We went down to the pier - the man was already on the beach. Some local rescuers and an old man were trying to save the vacationer. But they did not help. Later the masseur on the beach said that a Belarusian drowned.

Belarus' Foreign Ministry confirmed the fact of death:

- On February 7, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus died. According to the medical report, the cause of death was asphyxia associated with drowning. The Embassy of Belarus in Egypt has taken all the necessary actions for contact with relatives and delivery of the body home.

This is not the first death of a Belarusian in Egypt.