Top five businessmen of Belarus

Top five businessmen of Belarus

The Belarusian website EJ.BY in partnership with Idea Bank made a list of 25 Belarusian businessmen whose activities were significant for the country.

The participants of the rating were at the roots of the formation of new factories, new industries and a new economy of modern Belarus. Business projects of many of them are among the national, regional or world leaders. Their companies are the largest taxpayers and employers in Belarus. Here are the top five businessmen of Belarus.

47 years old (1970), Santa Impex Brest, Santa Bremor, Savushkin Product, Russian Sea

In 1992, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics of the Belarusian State University preferred postgraduate work to the family fishing company Nila and went along with his father Mikhail Moshensky all the way to turning a small company into one of the leaders of the food market of the former USSR.

In 2000, Alexander Moshensky became head of business, launched the Santa Bremor plant in Brest. In 2012, the businessman purchased a large fish-processing plant in Russia - the Russian Sea. Since 2006, when he became the owner of a controlling stake in Savushkin Product, Alexander Moshensky has been successfully investing in the dairy industry.

The businessman is an honorary consul of Iceland in the Republic of Belarus, a member of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship and heads the national rowing federation and the Belarusian Union of rowing sports.

57 years (1960), EPAM Systems

Electrical engineer Arkady Dobkin stood at the origins of cooperative movement in Belarus. In 1987, after leaving the Institute of Powder Metallurgy, he founded a cooperative for the production of software.

In 1991, Arkady Dobkin emigrated to the United States, and in 1993 created EPAM Systems. The starting point for its transformation into one of the world's leaders in software development was a contract for SAP.

In 2006, EPAM Systems received external investment from the American company Siguler Guff & Company. In 2012, Arkady Dobkin and his partners brought EPAM Systems to the New York Stock Exchange. That was the first time in its 220-year history that the flag of independent Belarus had risen above its building.

Arkady Dobkin stood at the origins of the creation of Belarus' Hi-Tech Park, his company is one of the largest employers in the IT industries of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

53 years (1964), Zubr Kapital, Atlant-M

Beginning to earn money on washing windows in 1990, the aviation engineer, along with his roommate in the dormitory of the Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers and several other partners, created one of the largest auto dealerships in the markets of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The first and most important partner of the Atlant-M holding company was the Volkswagen Group in 1994. In the 2000s, over 20 automobile brands were sold through several dozen dealerships of the holding company. Also, the owners of Atlant-M invested in MTBank, pharmaceuticals, IT and other industries.

In 2010, Oleg Khusaenov left the automobile business and started investing. His Zubr Capital company manages Belarus' first direct investment funds - SMH and Zubr Capital Fund I.

41 years old (1976), Wargaming

The graduate of the physics faculty of the Belarusian State University started business in 1998, when he created the company Wargaming together with a group of enthusiasts and started developing the first online game. He was waiting for fame and big money for more than ten years.

At the end of 2010 - beginning of 2011, Wargaming presented the multiplayer game World of Tanks in several languages. The online action brought Victor Kislyi the first million dollars, and in February 2016, Bloomberg included him in the list of billionaires.

The businessman invests in game development studios and distribution offices around the world, having formed one of the largest gaming businesses to date. Victor owns a bank and real estate in Cyprus, where he lives.

61 years (1956), Priorbank

A graduate of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute and a course of scientific economics at the University of Wuppertal in 1990, he headed the Minsk Innovation Bank (the future Priorbank), which he heads until now.

Under Sergey Kostyuchenko in 1997, Priorbank attracted to its capital the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and in 2003, the strategic investor - the Austrian banking group Raiffeisen Bank International. From the 1990s and until now Priorbank has been among the leaders of the banking market in Belarus and is a system-forming bank in the industry.

The banker is considered one of the most influential representatives of the Belarusian business, he is an honorary consul of Austria in the Republic of Belarus.