Channel history

Stolichnoe Televidenie history

Stolichnoe Televidenie is one of three national TV channels, broadcasting to the entire territory of Belarus. The history of CTV dates back to October 19, 2000, when the Closed Joint-Stock Company Stolichnoe Televidenie was registered, and on January 1, 2001 the television channel went on air starting with the release of Minsk news.

We have a young, creative and ambitious team. In total, the channel boasts more than 300 like-minded people. We not only keep pace with the times, but we also feel it on ourselves. This allowed the channel to develop dynamically, brightly and creatively.

Stolichnoe Televidenie significantly expanded its genre palette. Today the channel produces not only news and sports programs, but also intellectual and entertaining programs, talk shows, concerts, documentaries, cinematography and much more. The team pays great attention to modern convergent journalism and Internet broadcasting.

Tens of thousands of people watch and read Stolichnoe Televidenie on our website, in news feeds and in social networks. We were the first among national TV channels to switch to HD broadcasting.

How we evolved

In 2000, Stolichnoe Televidenie began broadcasting to Minsk and the Minsk region on a separate frequency channel in partnership with REN TV. The newscast "24 hours", as well as informational and analytical programs "168 hours", "Theme of the day" and "Rush Hour" went on the air. Grigory Novikov became director general of the young television channel.

In 2002, such programs as "Minsk and Minsk citizens", "Law and crime", "While the candle is burning" and others appear. Stolichnoe Televidenie broadcasts to the entire Minsk region. The first experience of producing our own documentary was made, which resulted in the film Minsk 2002. Alexander Zimovsky was appointed Director General.

The main direction of our channel's development is the increase in the volume of own broadcasting. Programs of various genres appeared such as: "Mistress of My Fate", "Good evening, baby", "Minsk football", "Hot ice", "Reactive boxing", and "Great music". A new design of the studios was created. CTV started broadcasting in other regions (beyond Minsk region). In December 2003, Gomel was already watching us.

Numerous new projects appear on air: entertaining ("Morning of the capital", "Picnic", "Planet of entertainment") and journalistic - "Ecce Homo", "Business. Word and deed". We also produced our own documentaries: films "They were called "SMERSH", "Risen from the ashes", "If not you, then who?" and others. We started production of feature films. At the end of 2004, the fairy tale "12 months" was made. By July 2004, Stolichnoe Televidenie's broadcasting is available in all regional centers of the country.

Great attention is paid to interactive projects "Hit-Moment" and "Stagecoach of Stars", "Cool Guys" where the jury's role belongs to viewers. "Stagecoach of Stars" becomes a Belarusian "factory of stars" and opens new names of show business, which firmly took their leading positions on the Belarusian and Russian stage. Iowa band, Anna Sharkunova, Herman - for the first time the audience saw them in this cult project.

By the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII, the project "Counting time until victory..." was created. We also made a series of documentaries "National Heritage", dedicated to significant aspects of Belarusian history and culture and "In the interests of national security" about Belarusian special services and information confrontation.

The news program "24 Hours" deservedly is the hallmark of Stolichnoe Televidenie. While in 2001 CTV correspondents followed the events only in Minsk, by 2005 the geography of our materials had significantly expanded: "24 Hours" started telling its audience about news of the entire Belarus and international events. Since September 15, 2004 the program has been broadcast live.

Since early 2005, a mobile television station has been widely used in production. From May 2005 Stolichnoe Televidenie started transmitting the signal from the Express AM22 (53 East longitude). We purchased a satellite station that allowed direct reporting from any region of the country and the world. In 2005, Yuri Koziyatko becomes general director of Stolichnoe Televidenie.

In 2008, the news program Minsk in Detail begins to be published from the updated studio. The TV channel films the project for the city's day "We love our city!" with the participation of the Bi-2 band and singer Yuri Antonov, and the big New Year project "Birthday in the New Year".

Stolichnoe Televidenie starts to shoot more documentaries. We create such projects as "History of the BSSR. Short Course", "Hot Autumn of 1939" and others. The channel organizes concerts on the site of the summer amphitheater in Vitebsk "Memory of the Heart", dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus, as well as "Songs of the Native Land".

From 2007 to 2010, for the first time the TV channel carries out large-scale surveys and became a co-organizer of the beauty contest "Miss Minsk". The successful musical project "Ring of stars" was launched. From 2010 Stolichnoe Televidenie becomes the organizer and co-founder of the National Music Award. In 2011, the creative initiative was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus and the TV musical award was given the national status.

In 2012, Stolichnoe Televidenie starts the most popular project - the musical show "Singing Cities". During three seasons we traveled more than 140 cities - from regional centers to the capital Minsk, and chose 100 most talented performers. During the preparation and filming of the project, the organizers drove hundreds of kilometers and listened to thousands of participants. In 2013, the unique show receives the Grand Prix of the X National Competition Televershina. In total we shot three seasons.

The channel does not stay aside from other new music projects. The international vocal competition "KHORoSHOW" [Choir Show] in 2012 brought together the best choirs from six countries. Artists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland gathered on the same stage to present the song culture of their country and perform the song in the language of a neighbor. In 2014, the project unites international children's choirs. At the same time the country's first trio of professional child TV presenters appears on the channel.

The programs "Avtopanorama", "Big City", "Big Breakfast", "Morning. Studio of good mood", "A different country" become the hallmark of the TV channel. They have found their audience.

In 2014 the channel took active part in the coverage of the World Hockey Championship, which was held in Minsk. We made documentary films such as "Shai-BY" [Puck], the entertaining show "What hockey does with us", a series of programs "Hot Ice" and a series of videos "Children draw ice hockey". The TV project "Shai-BY" received, perhaps, the highest rating: the special award of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Stolichnoe Televidenie received a Televertshina statuette for the social advertising "Children draw ice hockey."

At the end of 2014, the intellectual show "You Can not Do It Smarter" with Mikhail Marfin was broadcast. Stolichnoe Televidenie also aired 10 seasons of bright performances of the comedy game called KVN.

In 2015, the channel became the organizer of the opening concert of the National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry in Molodechno. A bright event of the final day was the anniversary concert of composer Oleg Molchan "My Song", while the project "Stagecoach of Stars" on the stage of "Molodechno-2015" celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Stolichnoe Televidenie became the organizer of the artistic and theatrical opening and closing of the Days of Belarusian Written Language, which in 2016 were held in the town of Rogachev. The new music project "Two Stars on CTV" discovered new Belarusian talents from among TV presenters, athletes, politicians and workers.

In 2017 we made popular projects "Star of the Epoch" and the karaoke show "Favorite Songs". The TV channel devoted a number of projects to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing. The national TV contest of reciters "Live Classics" was held, a short feature film "Francis Skaryna" was shot as well as a number of documentary projects. CTV held the nationwide round of the national song project "Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs". We organized seven concerts in Belarusian towns and major cities, all of which were sellouts. The final concert in Minsk was accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus.

An unusual culinary show "Big luck" introduces even more variety to the viewing grid of the channel. Thanks to the CTV, 10 well-known Belarusians took part in an unusual charity event - an exhibition of koboshi dolls by the cult Japanese designer Kenzo. The joint Belarusian-Japanese campaign was held in Kiev, and then went on a journey around the world.

Specifically for the 1,000th anniversary of Brest, the STV television channel, together with the Brest Executive Committee, shot 5 mini-films - 5 unique stories - within the framework of the project "Here the Motherland Begins". Image videos from the TV channel were shot using the most modern technologies from timelapse to drones. The Ice Hockey Hockey Championship, the video cycle devoted to the 130th anniversary of writers Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, the popularization of a healthy lifestyle in the country, Day of Written Language... A rare event in Belarus is not covered by Stolichnoe Televidenie.

Since October 2017, Stolichnoe Televidenie has broadcast in HD quality with a screen resolution of 16:9. Our TV channel completed the year 2017 with the coloful show "New Year's Eve on CTV".

On February 6, 2018, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the appointment of Igor Lutsky as the director general of Stolichnoe Televidenie.