Freestyle coach Kozeko about weather in Pyeongchang


Freestyle coach Kozeko about weather in Pyeongchang

The weather in Pyeongchang is far from being perfect.

The trainings of ski acrobats were canceled on February 12 due to the strong winds- in certain areas up to 32 meters per second.

Nikolai Kozeko, head coach of Belarus’ national freestyle team:
The athletes were training more rhythmically before coming here. But the weather conditions here do influence the training process. Last year we came here for a competition and there were no strong winds. But now the windy weather is bringing inconveniences to us. The position of the slope is inconvenient. And it is not only my words. We will continue fighting! We were the only ones to come for training today. Us, American and Chinese athletes came to train. The other athletes decided to make it a day of rest.

The dates of the freestyle competitions remained unchanged. On February 15, there will be a qualification round and the winners will be determined on the next day among women. Men freestylers will be competing at the weekend.