Fans say Domracheva may be in top 3 in Olympic pursuit


Fans say Domracheva may be in top 3 in Olympic pursuit

Photo: IBU

On February 12, the second biathlon race will take place at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Four Belarusians will take part in the pursuit race.

On February 10 in the sprint Belaru's number one medal hope Daria Domracheva took 9th place, while German Laura Dahlmeier won.

After the finish, the Belarusian biathlete noted that she is determined to fight at the next races.

The world is betting on who will win the Olympic podium. Darya Domracheva is among the three favorites. She, along with German Dahlmeier, Italian Wierer and Czech Vítková, is a favorite of the upcoming race.

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Sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev on his page in the social network notes that, in his opinion, the German biathlete will win.

Dmitry Guberniev:
I think Laura will win again, while Marten Fourcade will take revenge in the men's race!

Earlier Guberniev said Domracheva should shoot better at the Olympics.

Internet users are also making their bets. In their opinion, Anastasia Kuzmina, Dorothea Wierer and Daria Domracheva are among the favorites.

"Laura will miss a lot today, but Kuzmina will collect all her strength!" Yes, and don't forget about Domracheva!

"Dahlmeier will exactly win the medal, while Dasha and Kaisa will also be in the top three.

"Biathlon is unpredictable, and even more so during the Games, the options may be different.

"The Russians will be in the lead, plus Kuzmina and Domracheva! Everything is unpredictable. The wind gusts, the blizzard is whirling. And wind is power."

The weather can make its own adjustments to the result of the pursuit. During the sprint the temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees, and with gusts of wind it felt up to minus 13 degrees below zero.