Expert: Domracheva should shoot better at Olympics


Expert: Domracheva should shoot better at Olympics

On February 10 Belarusians did not win a single medal at the Olympic Games. The major difficulty is shooting due to harsh weather conditions. Domracheva has always had some problems in sprint.

In the third Games in a row Domracheva takes 9th place in this event.

Dmitry Guberniyev, sports commentator (Russia):
As for Domracheva and Kuzmina, they must shoot better. This is quite obvious. Akimova shot brilliantly, but, in fact, but her speed raises questions. But we will fight in pursuit.

Therefore, biathlon in Korea is an illogical story. We are waiting for surprises for men now.

Domracheva won three gold medals at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 thanks to which she has the official title Hero of Belarus.