How ordinary girl from Belarus became model

How ordinary girl from Belarus became model

Margarita Violenty was a model abroad for more than 6 years for such world famous brands as Bershka, Philipp Plein, Diesel, she was the face of the Italian fashion house Fendi, participated in photo shoots for magazines Marie Claire, Bally by citta Bella, ENF Femag. But the girl had to abandon the modeling career and return to Belarus. Now Margarita is studying in Minsk to be a psychologist and working at a real estate agency.

Margarita was born in village Novosady, Borisov District. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a model, like many other girls.

- When I was 12, I saw an advertisement about the model school of Sasha Varlamov. I told my parents, and they took me to the first class. I really liked it, and I went to school with pleasure. Parents were able to pay for my studies, for that I am very grateful. Unfortunately, at the moment the school no longer exists, but it was very strong, - says Margarita. - The training lasted nine months, but after six months I was taken to the main body. This meant that soon I would have to go to the podium of the republican festival and competition of fashion and photography "Mill of Fashion" [in Russian: Melnitsa Mody]. There was active preparation, excitement, fear and insane interest, and, finally, here it is - the first appearance on stage! An unforgettable experience.

- Was it difficult?

- At first it was difficult for me, a 12-year-old girl, to learn to walk on high heels. (Smiling)

According to Margarita, models in Belarus are prepared at a sufficiently high level:

- A large number of Belarusian girls are working abroad today, and they are making progress in fashion business. There are several good model schools in Belarus.

- Margarita, do you remember your most vivid and interesting shootings and shows?

- In my entire modeling career, there were quite a lot of them. I remember shooting on the roof of a house in New York. I'm terrified of heights, but for good footage I had to overcome my fear.

- Where do you work now and how do you spend your free time?

- At the moment I have suspended my career as a fashion model, got a job in Minsk and entered University. Therefore, my day passes at work.  I live now in the capital of Belarus, work for a real estate agency that sells elite apartments in new buildings. I like to spend my free time with my friends. I like watching movies, walking, and sometimes I like being alone for a while.

- Do you have time to read books? What books would you recommend to our readers?

- Now I am reading more books on psychology, because I'm studying to be a psychologist. I can recommend "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray, "Family Secrets" by Natalia Olifirovich, "Radical Forgiveness: make room for a miracle" by Colin Tipping.

Rita advised the aspiring models to be self-confident, not to be upset about failure and to strive for their goal. The girl thanks all her teachers from the fashion modeling school for believing in her and her family for helping to realize her childhood dream into reality. In the future, Margarita sees herself successful at work, beloved wife and loving mother.