2018 declared Year of Small Homeland in Belarus

2018 declared Year of Small Homeland in Belarus

2018 has been declared Year of Small Homeland in Belarus. This was announced by President Alexander Lukashenko on February 9 at the solemn ceremony of honoring the best workers of agro-industrial complex.

Over 400 people from all over the country gathered under the arches of the National Exhibition Center BelExpo. These are people who contribute to the food security of Belarus, whose product lies on the shelves of food stores and is supplied to dozens of states.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We live in a beautiful, well-maintained country. We have clean, cozy cities and well-kept farmland. We protect our natural resources. But there is no limit to perfection. And always there is a place where to apply your energy.

Belarus is our common home, and it is in our interests to make it cozy and exemplary. Let's show that we are the true and diligent masters of our land. There are many of us and therefore even the most modest contribution of each will play its role, will make the country even more beautiful. Personal participation of each in this process will be for our children and grandchildren an example of true patriotism, when beautiful slogans and words are supported by concrete deeds and deeds. This is more important than slogans and any words.

Belarus is the way we see it, the way we create it. And, most importantly, Belarus is what we make it into. The more successful and self-confident people in the country, the stronger the state. Understanding of this connection must be conveyed, like a gene, to your children.

We must show our children that, no matter how their life is formed in the future, they have a home, they have a small homeland where they will always find solace and will feel invisible support from this land.

On February 9, the head of state presented state awards and gift certificates to the best farmers.