25-year-old hockey player in Belarus dies from stomach cancer

25-year-old hockey player in Belarus dies from stomach cancer

Experts warn that malignant tumors can come out on top in the list of causes of death in Belarus, and they state that the cancer is becoming younger.

One of the evidences of this trend was the resonant case of death on February 5, 2018 of the former defenseman of the hockey club Yunost-Minsk: Konstantin Grin died aged 25. Two years ago the athlete was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

"The case of death from gastric cancer was considered out of the ordinary before, now, unfortunately, some malignant tumors are essentially "younger," stated the deputy director for scientific work of N. Aleksandrov Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology Sergey Krasnyi. He noted that mortality from malignant tumors in Belarus still stands second after cardiovascular diseases.

"In 30 leading countries of the world, malignant tumors have long come to the forefront, the same trend awaits Belarus, we must be ready for this. It is connected, strangely enough, with the success of cardiology - a significant reduction in mortality from cardiovascular diseases, an increase in life expectancy - all this contributes to an increase in the incidence of cancer. Cancer is a disease of the elderly, although in recent years it has "grown younger", Mr Krasnyi said.

"The wrong thing here is our way of life - inactive, changes in the structure of food, the presence of fast food, reduction in the number of vegetables, increasing number of stresses, chemical carcinogens, and smoking," Sergey Krasnyi noted.

At the same time, he noted positive trends.

"Over 20 years, the incidence of prostate cancer in Belarus has increased 7-fold, each year the death rate increased by 10%. But after the introduction of screening for prostate cancer, starting in 2010, the mortality rate is dropping by 2 percent per year."