Korea in anticipation of 2018 Olympic Games opening ceremony


Korea in anticipation of 2018 Olympic Games opening ceremony

"Passion. Connected". This slogan will very soon be heard in the languages ​​of almost a hundred countries participating in the Olympics in South Korea. Only a few hours remain until the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Games. Pyeongchang is 100% ready. Athletes are in anticipation of events. In Belarus, one day before the competition, the President's Sports Club announced the start of the traditional project "Olympic Choice".

Yulia Beshanova, CTV:
Despite the late time, South Korea still does not sleep, you can feel that happy anticipating mood in the streets.  Journalists call the upcoming opening ceremony modest. Taking part in it will be a record number of actors in history - only 2,000 people.Organizers promise to focus on high technologies.

The scenario of the show is traditionally kept secret. But they promise a real winter fairytale full of oriental harmony. It will tell us about Korean traditions and try to convey the ideas of unity and peace.

Yulia Beshanova:
And the Olympics do really unite. Even an old conflict is paused. Two states of the Korean peninsula will come to the opening ceremony under a single Korean flag.

The Belarusian flag-bearer will be freestyle sker Alla Tsuper. The team says the decision was unanimous. Moreover, the athlete is going to compete for medals at the Games. On February 8 it became known that the freestylers arrived in the Olympic village and now are preparing for the start: the last training will be held the day after the opening of the Olympics. However, absolutely all athletes are set to win. But they are reluctant to talk about medal chances since this is only unnecessary pressure.

Yoon Kyung-Duk, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Korea:
Yesterday I also went to Pyeongchang and met the Belarusian national team. Of course, I will also support Belarus. We have now prepared small gifts from our country together with the embassy, ​​because I think the Olympics is a good occasion to tell the world about Belarus.

The President's Sports Club has started the project "Olympic Choice". Each athlete who will win medals at the Olympics, will be able to provide sponsorship to any children's and youth school.   The amount directly depends on the medal. For first place - BYN 15,000, for second and third - 10,000 and 7,500, respectively.

Yulia Beshanova:
The Olympics involve 90 national teams. But how many athletes will attend the opening ceremony is still not clear. For example, the British leaders of the national team did not recommend their athletes to go to the parade because of health reasons. According to weather forecasters, in the next three days the temperature can drop to minus 21 degrees. This is why the 2018 Olympics may be dubbed 'the coldest in history'. There are 32 Belarusian athletes in Korea.