Latvia wants more transit of Belarusian oil products

Latvia wants more transit of Belarusian oil products

New opportunities for cooperation between Belarus and Latvia are opening up as the businessmen of the two countries are negotiating on February 8.

The meeting took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Prime Minister of Latvia is on a visit to the Belarusian capital these days.

On February 7, a number of agreements were signed between the states. At the talks in the government, it was announced that the official Riga is interested in increasing the transit of Belarusian oil products through its ports and in attracting cargoes from the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone. The Latvian delegation is scheduled to visit the Hi-Tech Park of Belarus, which has recently been granted additional benefits.

Alexander Bashly, Head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange:
Plans for 2018 include the development of transport and forwarding services. In this case, we, of course, are of interest to our Baltic partners. We have options that we can offer to fill the warehouse infrastructure of the Baltic ports.

Oleg Ilyin, director of Strategic and Economic Development Agency:
In Belarus, many projects are being implemented, including on the territory of the "Great Stone", our park. Logistics is topical for all these projects, of course. I think that today our enterprises can find partners.

Uldis Reimanis, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia:
The ports of Latvia are closer by rail than your other neighbors. We came with a large team: three ports, a railway, more than 40 businessmen, who will discuss and I hope find the common language of Belarusian-Latvian relations - not only in the area of food products.

Latvia is an important trading partner of Belarus. In 2017, the countries increased joint trade turnover (it amounted to almost 400 million dollars). Plans are to increase this figure.