Belarusian develops app helping find grave by ID

Belarusian develops app helping find grave by ID

Konstantin Nachatkin from Minsk is making a website and is working on an application that helps to find graves with a 10 cm precision all over Belarus. Today in the online base, created by Konstantin and his assistants, there are already about 100,000 graves.

The idea of creating such a service is long overdue, says Konstantin Nachatkin. He has been engaged in ritual services for many years. Some people turn to Konstantin for help because they do not know where the grave of their relatives is located.

"In most cases, these are foreigners, but also people who live in Belarus. Someone is looking for friends and classmates; someone is looking for grandparents. These people would like to visit the graves of their friends or relatives, but they simply cannot find them."

According to Konstantin, there is not a single organization in Belarus that searches for burial sites.

"I looked for similar services in European countries, in neighboring states. Indeed, I found some bases in Russia: some of them did not contain photographs, others did not have location, and others contained a limited number of obituaries."

Konstantin had to work on the project on his own. He ordered a mobile application; he attracted volunteers who collected data in cemeteries: surnames, given names, patronymics, dates of birth and death.

"Today, any person standing at the grave can take a photo and enter data into the database on our website. And the departed person will be remembered. Even if after years the inscription on the grave disappears, it will be possible to determine who lies in this grave thanks to the location and ID."

Konstantin does not hide that the project is financed from his own funds. The site itself and the database, he promises, will always be free for users. However, there are a number of services that are provided for a fee: "wash the monument, cut the grass, replace the plate, and make a grave hill if the land settled."

"The money that we take for our services is needed to digitize new data, support and promote the site and pay for the moderators' work."  

Konstantin has far-reaching plans: in the beginning of February, obituaries will be added to the site "so that not only the dates of the birth and death of actual people remain in the memory of the descendants, but also the histories of their lives." It will also be possible to edit obituaries on the site or "hide" them. In addition, the author of the project has a desire to introduce a genealogical tree, but the question of how to do this still remains open.

Over time, Konstantin is going to make a mobile application for smartphones on Android and iOS, which will duplicate the site.

He also plans to tie links to places of burial, so people can find churches nearby, turn to clergymen and order a funeral service.