Belarus plans to produce 9 million milk per year by 2020

Belarus plans to produce 9 million milk per year by 2020

In Belarus, 80% of whey is being recycled, said the Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry.

This indicator is higher than the average European. It was achieved through the introduction of innovative methods of processing raw materials. This makes it possible to produce a better product, in particular, with an increased protein content.

Meanwhile, experts note some problems in the industry. For example, excessive energy consumption.

Aleksey Meleshchenya, director of Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry:
Our industry does not stand still, and it is constantly looking for novelties. Now a number of enterprises have started to produce new cottage cheese, with a high content of cream proteins. This allowed improving its quality and consumer properties.

Bashir Uzdenov, Director of an engineering company (Russia):
In Belarus (and in Russia, of course) new enterprises are very close to the latest, advanced technologies.

Roman Pesotsky, engineer-technologist of a company selling industrial equipment (Ukraine):
I know that the government of Belarus is very closely involved in the development of the milk market, in the making of dairy products. Therefore, this is promising.

It is planned to increase the volume of milk production in Belarus to 9 million tons by 2020. About 60% of those products will be exported.