Main competitors of Domracheva at 2018 Olympics


Main competitors of Domracheva at 2018 Olympics

Daria Domracheva started the Olympic season in a bad manner. For a long time she could not get used to new skis, withdrew from races, and finally returned to the trusty skis. After that, she settled among the top athletes of women's biathlon. She now has two wins and two third places in World Cups. The last personal race before the 2018 Olympics also was a success for the Belarusian athlete.

Nevertheless, Daria's competitors at the Games at are very strong. Let's take a look.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen (35 years old, Finland)

The best result at Olympics: 6th place (mass start in Sochi-2014)

World Cup-2017/18 : 1 x gold; 3 x silver; 1 x bronze

Place in the World Cup: 1st

For Kaisa these Games in Korea will most likely be the last. Until now she has not won a single medal of the Olympics.

She is the only one of the top athletes who did not miss a World Cup race this season. Stability is one of the strongest points of Kaisa.

She is very fast, as usual. In each race, Mäkäräinen takes the leading lines in high-speed reports. In six races out of ten, the Finnish biathlete surpassed Domracheva in terms of speed at a distance. And once Kaisa outpaced the Belarusian in skiing at the finish.

But in the shooting Domracheva feels more confident than her rival. The accuracy of Kaisa is 3 percent worse than that of Darya.

Where to watch her: pursuit, mass start.

Anastasia Kuzmina (33 years old, Slovakia)

The best result at the Olympics: 2 x gold (sprint in Vancouver 2010, sprint in Sochi-2014), silver (the Vancouver 2010 pursuit)

World Cup-2017/18: 4 x gold; 3 x silver

Place in the World Cup: 2nd

The queen of sprint races at the Olympics is preparing for another spurt. Kuzmina right now has the best season in her career. It is she who is considered the favorite for the Big Crystal Globe.

In general, like Kaisa, Kuzmina was better in terms of speed than Domracheva (five net speed wins against four). But the ex-Russian has problems with shooting. 82 percent for one of the leaders of the world biathlon is not the best indicator.

Another slippery moment is psychological instability. Often in the season, the Slovakian missed in the last shots. It seems that in this component Daria will be better.

Where to watch her: sprint, pursuit

Laura Dahlmeier (24 years old, Germany)

Best result on Olympics: 13th place (individual race in Sochi-2014)

World Cup-2017/18: 2 x gold; 3 x silver; 1 x bronze

Place in the World Cup: 4th

The past "Domrachevaless" season turned out to be a triumph for the young German. She won Big Crystal Globe, a couple of Small Crystal Globes and five gold medals of the World Championship. Dahlmeier fired quickly, accurately and backed it up with good speed.

Laura missed the beginning of this season because of illness. But by the 2018 Olympics, Laura has been getting better and better.

If it were not for the disease, Dahlmeier could easily get Pyeongchang's personal gold. But in the current circumstances, the disposition changes slightly. For now the German is not the fastest. But she is very good at shooting, with 90 percent accuracy, the best figure among the biathlon leaders.

Almost in all personal races of the Olympics, it's the German who is considered the favorite.

The main question: is Dahlmeier ready to destroy everyone?

Where to watch her: pursuit, individual race, mass start

Dorothea Wierer (27 years old, Italy)

Best result at Olympics: 5th place (sprint in Sochi-2014)

World Cup-2017/18: 1 x gold; 1 x silver; 1 x bronze

Place in the World Cup: 3rd

Wierer is an emotional and impulsive girl. In the mass start at Antholz she was confidently going in first place - it remained only to go through the last shooting stage. But instead Doro lost confidence, missed some targets and finished outside the podium place.

The Italian, undoubtedly, is the fastest shooter among the favorites of the Games. Perhaps her main trump card is shooting. Another thing is that she could get a lot of penalties because of her speed.

Surely her main hopes for the 2018 Olympics will be associated with an individual race.

But in terms of speed the Italian is not among the tops. Judging purely by speed she often finds herself in behind 20th or even 30th place. Only once in ten attempts this season, Dorothea outstripped Domracheva in speed, when the Belarusian was testing the new skis. But lack of speed is a great chance for Wierer's fans to enjoy her beauty. No wonder the Italian is called the main sex symbol of the world biathlon.

Where to watch her: individual race